Introducing the OB van

Our Outside Broadcasting van is designed for sophisticated music recordings in Stereo or 5.1 Surround and live broadcasts.

The van proves itself not only through the sizable mixing room but also through the beautiful interior, as a place which makes work a pleasure.

The Ü3 commands: a mixing room with 3 work spaces (sound engineer, sound master, and editor); a combination room, which can be used as an EDP room or a speaker cabin for live setting; and a technical room.

The listening room is equipped with 3RL 903BK (LCR) as well as RL 906 (Surround) and an ME Geithain Basis 11K (Sub). With a base band width of 1.75m, we can optimally evaluate our mix.

Technologically, our OB van is equipped with everything that you and we could need to create a professional production, without compromise.

Through the two-part silent air conditioning, a further feel-good character to the work in the Ü3 is achieved.

In combination with the technical room, an error free assessment of the mixing is possible, so the focus remains on the music.

Let yourself be mesmerized by the atmosphere and technical equipment in our OB van.