We turn your listeners into viewers…

So that we can better and more intensively respond to your needs we have equipped our OB van with an HD video director and its associated peripheral instruments.

This technical advancement combined with our operating field of pure audio production, we can now also offer you recordings in HD video or the live streaming of your production in image and sound.
Thereby you can make your listeners, with no additional costs and with an unbeatable price to quality ratio, into web viewers.

We provide all recordings, sound and video mixing, live streaming, as well as the required personnel and logistics.

For you, KeuleSound goes to new lengths with the Ü3 and provides you a full range of services from audio recording over HD video recording to the live streaming of images and audio.

We have made the details of our video direction available to you on the following pages.

We are pleased to present you a tailor-made quote.